The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism

Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide

One man’s first-hand account of the world of national and international development and relief organizations impacting the quality of life globally!

The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism – Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide introduces the organizations behind global community efforts for the disadvantaged and most impoverished communities worldwide. Spearheading these programs, initiatives, and more are the men and women from various cultural backgrounds and countries.

One of those individuals is Krishna KC, from the Himalayas of Nepal, who spent his whole professional career facilitating conscientization and providing opportunity for people (young and old) to learn, and expand their knowledge and promoting literacy. The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism shares his experiences and offers a comprehensive viewpoint of this amazing work going on worldwide, sharing some of the joys and struggles while working with the relief, development, and humanitarian fields during times of peace and conflict. Krishna is exposed to various cultures around the world, and shares how cultural misunderstandings can be broken down and lasting friendships created.

The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism: Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide helps you dive into his main job of supporting universal human rights, child rights, women’s rights, a basic right to education, and community development inspiring others to carry on this vital work.

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About the Author

Krishna KC is an author and educational change agent. He resides currently in Canada, to which he immigrated from his home country of Nepal. Krishna has received numerous awards including two gold medals for his outstanding performance, support, work effects and taking risks in various communities in numerous countries that his work provides the foundation for educational systems during times of peace and conflict.

The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism

Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide

Chapter 1 “My Journey from Tanahu to the International Stage”

Rural Nepal offered few opportunities for young men, beyond farming. Yet, for Krishna KC, education offered a chance to break the chains of poverty and build a different future. That didn’t mean there weren’t hurdles, including limited educational facilities, infrastructure, and substandard quality. His days were spent studying and working on his family’s land. Learn how his early experiences impacted his career decisions, and how his career shaped the educational opportunities of thousands as he served in various countries around the world.

Chapter 2 “The Beginnings of my Professional Career”

For Krishna, those early days working with an INGO shaped the beginning of a professional career that would span decades. Before he moved on to working internationally with INGOs, he was a teacher in Nepal, helping his students overcome the challenges that he too had faced. Share his journey as he left teaching to work with the Community Development and Assistant Project (CDAP) of United Mission to Nepal. Here is where Krishna learned the basics of community development, along with developing a functional literacy program for a three-year cycle in a country without any neo literacy materials for use in the education of children and adults.

Chapter 3 “From Asia to North America and Back Again”

Not content to simply work with NGOs close to home, Krishna took advantage of international educational opportunities, including the Coady International Institute. Enjoy Krishna’s personal account of his international trip to Canada, the first time he traveled by air via Boston. Here is where Krishna shares his experiences as a visitor to Canada, including a health crisis. He also shares his experiences working with Redd Barna as the Chief of Training, where he developed a comprehensive three-year cycle of Community Development Diploma training curriculum, and three years of a Functional Adult Literacy program, while also targeting critical areas of community development that could negatively impact educational and literacy.

Chapter 4 “Moving into International Work”

Krishna’s training in North America exposed him to different cultures, but now his career would move beyond Nepal into Cambodia. Krishna highlights some of earlier challenges finding a job, and how building friendships and a network can be key to building a successful career. He also demonstrates that we are never done learning, and discusses his travels to Zimbabwe, Ireland, and Philippines for his own training opportunities. He took the opportunity to study his Master’s degree in the Philippines as well.

Chapter 5 “Increasing Responsibilities: Albania, Nepal, Myanmar & Cambodia”

Working with Save the Children, Krishna’s responsibilities continued to expand. At this point in his career, he also began working in countries dealing with civil unrest and other challenges. He explores what that means for NGOs, and how their crucial work continues in these uncertain circumstances.

Chapter 6 “Working with UN Agencies”

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with the United Nations agencies? Krishna shares his experiences working with these intergovernmental agencies, and how these agencies work to serve communities around the world, including those most at risk.

Chapter 7 “Working in the Sudan”

Working in war-torn lands can be very challenging, as evidenced by Krishna’s experiences in Sudan during its civil war. Throughout this chapter, he shares some of the history of this country, as well as his experiences in two duty stations. He also talks about what it is like to work in a conflict zone, and how that can make addressing literacy and the needs of these communities more challenging.

Chapter 8 “Moving to the South Pacific Islands”

Krishna shares his experiences in the South Pacific Islands, after years serving communities around the globe, including areas of conflict. Krishna also offers insight into how critical leadership is to the success of any mission, particularly those focused on education. Learn about this unique island posting, which was Krishna’s last UN posting, and how Krishna adapted to this unique culture.

Chapter 9 “Returning Back to INGOs”

TWith years of experience working with the UN, Krishna thought about retirement. Instead, he returned to INGOs, spending the next few years working in both Iraq and Nepal. He illustrates how the challenges facing these organizations continue to evolve, especially as countries deal with repairing their infrastructure after conflict.

Chapter 10 “Lessons Provided from Field Experiences”

After sharing years of knowledge gleaned through his work around the world, Krishna dives into the lessons collected from these field experiences over a lifetime. He also talks about the importance of remaining active in your community to create positive change, as well as how he continues to be active in the Nepalese community as an immigrant in Canada.

The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism

Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide

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